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I've seen a comment recently that HD-DVD titles are outselling Blu-ray at (UK) by 3:1.

I was just wondering if it might be worth a thread showing the latest numbers
(especially and more importantly perhaps with a link showing where this latest info is to be found)?


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You mean like this one

- Precisely.

I'm thinking along the lines of something substantive and sourced so that we can see from the latest info out there that whenever one side (or for that matter the other) claims a "100% rise in sales!" we're really talking about a jump of 2 units sold last week/month to 4 sold this week/month.

The idea's to try & take the spin away.

All on the one thread if posible so folks can see the latest on how things are developing.

- I've looked all over that thread and unless I'm being especially blind (ok, it happens sometimes) I can't see that I made any comment on that one?


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Accurate and transparent sales figures for public consumption will never materialise. Such information would clearly be too valuable to any competition hence they're kept closely guarded and everyone can only guess.

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There are pressuambly 42,000 xbox360 HD DVD add-ons sold since mid-nov. Any rough estimate out there how many Toshiba A1s have been sold?


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Thanks for the info. So with 2nd gen tosh, that could be a little higher.

Yes, probably.
We are probably looking at a worldwide install base of around 120-150,000 HD-DVD players.

As for BluRay, the figures may be a bit skewed due to the Japanese market, as well as the as-yet-unknown PS3 factor - while it would be easy to say 450,000 PS3s for a start, I think everyone is in agreement that only a small percentage are currently being used as BD players (even if people argue and speculate over the percentage figure).

All in all, IMO the general uptake is a little disappointing TBH - as predicted by many industry watchers, this little format war appears to be damaging both sides at the moment.


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I suspect the XBox HD-DVD add-on figure simply reflects the supply situation (just as the PS3 figures are undoubtedly held back to some degree too by the supply situation).

Everywhere I'm reading that there is no stock and that suppliers have admitted to being surprised at the demand for an add-on (which given the history of add-ons has been completely unexpected).

Vista OS appearing next Feb will add to the demand (cos you can just plug it in and have it work fine with HDCP kit, no new drivers required = cheap way in to a HD-DVD PC ROM drive).
XP is a little more fiddly but it'll work there too.

It wouldn't surprise me if they can sell as many of them as they can make at that price.

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