Sale of Panasonic PTAE500


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Hi all thinking of upgrading to PTAE2000 and will need to sell my panny 500 1000hrs in eco mode, so in theory another 4000 left also with a brand new spare bulb that came with it when i purchased from roy jowett any ideas how much i should be looking for the 500.

Also will my current Lmp bracket for the 500 fit the 2000.



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The big problem with selling any projectors is whats available new to compare at what price.

As there are plenty of new current models (mainly dlp) available for less than £500 it puts the price for second hand gear down in the doldrums.

Even with a new bulb your 3-4 generation old ae500 cannot be worth more than £300 ish.

I recently sold a Sanyo Z1 on here for £135 and it only had 580hrs on the original bulb,that pj cost me over £1200 when new.


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Yeah Kbfern that is the kind of figure i was thinking of, i have a friend who maybe interested if not will give it a go on here, but if i can get that kind of money i would be happy i paid £1400 for my 500 and it has been good to me and continues to be, thx for the reply.

ps any ideas on the bracket.


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Sold my AE500 with no bulb for £100 to a mate.

Would you sell your spare bulb? if so I will ask him if he has got one yet.

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