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Saints Row Demo - Access All Areas


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Quoted from Games Radar - http://www.gamesradar.com/gb/xbox360/game/news/article.jsp?articleId=2006080311138989059&sectionId=1006

Cunning Xbox 360 gamers have uncovered a glitch in the Xbox Live demo of GTA-a-like crime romp Saint's Row that enables you to escape the walled-in demo area and explore the whole city at your leisure - there's even an AK47 up for grabs.

Here's how it works: Park a car next to the impassable red barrier and punch the Y button twice. If you've done it right, you'll leap out of the car and straight through the barrier. Now you can roam the rest of the city, and pick up an AK47 hidden away in a sports court. If you're having trouble, here's a YouTube video showing the glitch in action.

Follow link for more details


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You cant, if you go to far out the screen just goes black, then you just get stuck and have to quit


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dave1de said:
You cant, if you go to far out the screen just goes black, then you just get stuck and have to quit

no i have managed to get out and get the AK and then get back to the demo area without the game crashing.And can i just say how much fun the AK is:D


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Tequila Sunset

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It works but you walk another 5 metres and it spits you back on the other side of the barrier again. Ive tried it on all sides and it doesnt work.

xXTwin BladeXx

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yeah same, jus sends you back to Harwood (i think thats what its called) when you go too far. Another thing is that obviously they cannot fit the whole of the saints row sity on the demo and if the demo does not send you back to Harwood, then it just goes all glitchy! I did that on the bridge and i just fell through the bridge lol


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It only takes you back if you go into a barron area,you can tell if you look closely which areas will spit you back.Any place were people and cars are is usually a safe bet that it will be ok.I got the ak47,and also rode the train around the whol city :thumbsup:

You can also get on the tracks and de-rail the train very easily.

I recommned this forum:


I found out all i need to know from there.It is full of wannabe homies but it is a friendly place.:smashin:

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