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Thanks Cas. Will wait for a Home release, but from your Review and the trailer this seems refreshingly enjoyable.


This is very good indeed. I never thought I could ever say that, with so much talk of menstruation and be confronted with a really heart warming and touching scene over it. O'Sullivan nailed the writing, so well.
Kelly O'Sullivan is great as the drifting 34 year old; that is less worried she may have gone too far, until near everyone else keeps reminding her she hasn't achieved anything substantial on her own or, with another.
Ramona Edith Williams is adorable as Frances and quite the little starlet and her mom's nicely written and acted in the roles of somewhat lost breadwinner and new mother suffering with postpartum - something heterosexual couples too may recognise. Oh and mention should be made of Bridget's mom, Carol, who is quite the character with just that little bit too much honesty.
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This can be rented on US Apple TV or Amazon US for $4.99 or even imported on Blu Ray.

I gave it a whirl on Apple.

While it certainly fits the mould of indie films before it comparisons to The Florida project may have skewed my expectations greatly.

Performances from Kelly O'Sullivan and Charin Alvarez really are great.

Child star Ramona Edith Williams really stole the show - I can only guess that much of the performances must have allowed a certain deal of improv to get such a natural performance from such a young actress - never the less whatever the did it work.

Cinematography was probably the biggest disappointment for me - but this was undoubtedly due to comparisons with The Florida Project which had some of the best use of its medium in cinema that year. This really is a BASIC indie film - hand held, many scenes poorly lit... but compatible to many or its peers at this budget.

Story wise I was also left feeling it was a bit hit and miss

The relationship that develops between Bridget, Frances and Maya is cleverly written, warm and thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

However their are some huge plot point that come up that are really unresolved and i found really dissatisfying as a viewer ;

Clearly Maya has post Natal depression to a severe a dangerous level - she doesnt ever seem to accept this or go see anyone for help - I dont think a couple of nights surrounded by friends was going to have it solved.

Similarly after her abortion Bridget seems to be having a very heavy period for a long time - this is clarified as being 2 months - medically something is quite dangerously wrong with the poor woman at this stage yet its never resolved!?
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