Sainsburys Xbox £74.99 PS2 £69.00


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My local Sainsbury's Superstore (Derby Kingsway) had old Xbox stock (console only) out for £74.99 in extremely limited numbers.

Similarly with PS2, stock out for £69.99 (had sold out by time I got there).

From what I could discern these were units from 2002ish, so had been sitting in their warehouse for 2 years -- hence they put them out at a bargain price to clear.

Tried to see if any other stores were doing this, but none were locally. It may have been a store-specific fluke, but it might be worth checking to see if your local (larger) Sainsbury's has old stock they're offloading.



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This was Monday afternoon.

Sainsbury's near the harbour (near Tesco).

Goto the sainsburys website and theres a store locater there.


went to sainsburies in eastbourne (the one in retail park with comet and curries) and they claimed although they knew about the offer, they hadnt had any at all. they then called the store in the eastbourne mall and again none. however as luck would have it they tried newhaven and voila! one left..... got there in the end and i didnt even need one. should come in handy for spare parts and extra controller.......


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Thats bull mate cause i bought 2 from there!

Had to ask at customer service like, but they came good.

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