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Sagem White halo problem ??


Active Member
Hi there i am posting on behalf of a freind,

He recently purchased a Sagem axium 45" DLP, it has been fine, but just recently we have both noticed a small white halo of light which eminates from the bottom of the screen ( about 1" up ) directly in the middle ( above the sagem sign )

It appears to be getting brighter and shows horribly when there are dark clolours in the area the light emits.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did they do about it.

Thanks in advance



Standard Member
I had the same thing mate, the Sagem engineer(Andy) came round my house yesterday to have a look at the problem, he took the screen off the front of the tv and gave the lens a wipe, its seems to have done the trick, also he had a look at the infomous buzzing problem, he put a bit of fome underneath the tv, it has helped abit, but I think there is no permenent solution for the buzzing problem.


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That's just the same problem I have with my HD-D45.
grs - so Andy finally made it round. Glad to hear he managed to get it sorted.

Sounds as though I'll have to put my warranty into action.


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How are you guys going about getting Andy to visit? Is it by contacting your seller (Currys, Comet etc) or going directly to Sagem?!

I have the humming as well, which isn't very noticeable now.... but also a bad geometry problem on the top line of my pic, it bows down in the middle slightly, I've tried living with it but it annoys the hell out of me. So I wanna get something done about it... I purchased my set from Martin Dawes, and I believe there policy is to send there own engineers to inspect the set first, and then send off to Sagem directly if deemed to be faulty. As I'm sure you'll understand, I don't really wanna let those 'engineers' anywhere near my set... or take it away for that matter!!


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My HD45S has the buzzing noise, it also had a very high pitched whistle.

The Mastercare guy came from Currys and said it would need to go away for 10-14 days into the workshop for investigation / repair. I don't really want the TV going anywhere, especially not to Mastercare.

I called Sagem and I am still waiting on their engineer (company called TSG) to contact me. This was originally about 5weeks ago and still nothing after chasing last week!

Anyway, the buzzing on my set seems to be coming from the Osram power supply for the lamp, if you put your hand over the vent on the back left hand corner the buzzing can't be heard. Time to make some kind of deflector to bounce the noise somewhere else me thinks.

I also found the connection on the lamp housing to be slightly loose, so I gave it a nip up. I think the high pitched whistle has gone, but need some more watching to verify.



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I have the same white "halo" issue on my Sagem HD-D56, Can anyone give me Andy (sagem) e-mail address?



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Hello guys, yes white halo has gone, which is cool, but the buzzing is just the way the set was made and will never completly go, but I can live with it because the picture is top notch on 720p, I have Andy's email but it's not on me, will let you know tomorrow if that's cool. Cheers Guys..


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I have the same problem with mine. Although I can live with it, I too would appreciate the email address for Andy the Sagem? rep?.
Thanks in advance.


Standard Member
Sorry guys, I have seen to misplaced the email address he gave to me, If you phone up Sagem uk tomorrow they should give you it along with Andy's phone number. good luck.

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