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Sagem myX-6 MMS Settings - change from Orange to Virgin

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by samharrow, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. samharrow


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    Before you ask, my phone is unlocked, has Virgin SIM in etc.

    I am trying to change the MMS Settings from Orange to Virgin. I have successfully managed to change the GPRS Settings... however the MMS settings:

    a) don't let me change the default 'Orange MMS' Settings- not the name nor the IP nor anything
    b) don't let me select the new 'Virgin MMS' Profile I already created as there *seems* to be no option available for this!

    I need to know the exact method of changing the settings, and if possible the Virgin MMS Settings themselves (to check I've got them right, especially the APN and such).

    If anyone knows how to change these settings then there's a little incentive... a Gmail account for the first respondent! (Obviously don't spam, I'll get into trouble).

    Thanks Sam Harrow

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