sagem lcd 32 sound buzzing, can i get round this by..


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Jun 12, 2010
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I have a sagem Axium lcd tv, the problem is once on for a few hours its starts a buzzing noise from the speakers.I was wondering that i could get around this by attaching 5.1 surround sound system via my BT Vision Box and muting the TV speakers?? Any suggestions please

I was looking at the samsung HT-Z320 system

Many Thanks

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Does the buzzing disappear when you mute or turn the sound down on the TV? When you mute the TV, does a symbol or message appear (and stay) on screen? If it does, you will need to turn the volume down to zero. Yes, you could use a surround sound system to improve your audio. Do you already have a DVD or bluray player?

Make sure the amp or home cinema system you buy has compatible audio inputs for your equipment. I would imagine that BT Vision has analogue audio out (red/white RCA phono connections) so check that it does. The same goes for your TV and any other equipment you wish to connect. Unfortunately all-in-one home cinema systems lack inputs but the Samsung you have picked out has both a single analogue audio input and a single digital optical input, which would be handy for any other discrete 5.1 sources e.g. bluray player or games console with optical out. Therefore you could connect two sources to it, one using analogue for any non discrete sources and the digital input for any that are capable of DD5.1. The system should be able to mix/matrix any 2.0 stereo signal from the TV or BT Vision and give you a pseudo surround sound effect.

The all-in-ones forum is your best bet.
Thanks for that, what i was going to do is:
connect the optical lead from the BT vision box to the Samsung DVD the scart from the BT vision to the tv? is that the best way?
that should work dave shouldent it? Id just daisy chain bt vision box with samsung dvd
It would depend whether the SCART connection on the Samsung was both an input as well as an output. I would connect directly and leave it to handle audio.
When you say connect directly, how do you mean?

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