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Has anyone had confirmation from Comet that their warranty covers the lamp/bulb on the Sagem DLP or any other rear pro for that matter?
I was told today that it WOULD be covered although i am highly sceptical of this. John Lewis told me that it definately would NOT be covered, although i have seen posts on this forum from people saying they have been told it would be.
I would prefer to purchase from Comet because their store is very close to me so i can go in there and scream the place down if they screw with me! :)
Besides, they have offered me a decent stand for half price plus £50 off their 5 year i have a Virgin credit card which allows me to buy Comet vouchers at a 13% discount :clap:


Apples and Pears and really nothing there.

Of course not.

If you bought a lamp from Homebase and the bulb died after normal use in a couple months, are they gonna give you a new one. Same logic applies, that is not a lie, I love Apple pie, I don't like Rye, Please don't cry.


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Paul, I bought a 50" Sagem DLP from Comet over a year ago and I too was surprised that they said the additional cover would indeed cover a replacement lamp, so I questioned this before opting to take it out. Basically it's an insurance policy which covers everything (even drunken party damage as I was told!). As yet I haven't had a need to replace the lamp but as it's 5 year cover I'm sure this will be tested in the future.
It also sound like you're getting a good deal from them (which I never) seeing as they dropped the price by a grand 6 weeks after I bought mine.

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