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Sagem Lamp warranty or not? and will it be void if original not used?


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Hi all, sorry if this sounds dumb, but my lamp blew on my sagem 45 last week, so in mad rush, searched thru warranty ,I extended by 3yrs with comet. It stated that the bulbs (i gather this also means lamps) was not within the warranty...
My questions are these, as since replacing the lamp and then searching this forum are:

1, Was I right in thinking the lamp was not covered in the warranty?

2, Should I of called comet for there engineer to call out and fix?

3, because I have purchased a bulb from ebay and collected(£90 with fuse) has this now made my warranty void?:oops:

4, If the above is void is there any way to ammend it?


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1) The lamp is a consumable and won't be covered under the warranty unless it specifically says it is

2) No, it is a consumable item that you are supposed to be able to change

3) Using none sagem parts in your television will have undoubtedly voided your warranty, a comet engineer may not notice but I would imagine a sagem one would.

4) In theory if you have a problem with your tv that is not bulb related you could replace your ebay bulb/housing unit for an official one before calling an engineer out, though given the price of the official ones this may prove uneconomical


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I gather then any future problems I could be stuffed? As I have(or did have) a further 2 1/2 - 3 hrs on my warranty.....Very disapointing....


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Comet do replace lamps even know the warranty says lamps are not covered, this is the same with Currys since 2005

Sagem don't have there own techs anymore if you got your TV from Comet they tell you to call them if you got it from Currys they tell you to call them. they have a service contract with Currys and Comet


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i was going to take out a warranty with comet next month when my set is 2 year old. it will be needing a new bulb soon which i was going to buy off ebay so we are saying there is no point buying a warranty then if this will invalidate it ?


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I suggest you check with Comet they have been replacing lamps with no problems under there warranty


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I was sold the warranty from Comet for my Samsung DLP with them specifically stating that bulbs were included. Of course my bulb is going to go a month after my warranty expired (it's 2 years and 2 months old now).


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The lamp on my HD-D45 has just died so I'll give Comet a call and feedback what they say as it's under guarantee until 2011.

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