Sagem ITD 66 Vs Phillips DTRSA200

Lozza S

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Hi, I am seeking opions/advice

I recenlently purchased the Phillips box and was blown away with the picture quality. However the box would always freeze and there was always a sound drop out during the announcments between programmes on BBC TV. I exchanged it once but the second box would freeze once tuned to E4 (so I have no idea what happened in Lost last night!!)

I replaced that box today with a Sagem box which does not have the same good picture qulaity as the Phillips and I cannot get a stable picture on Channel 5 at all. The picture breaks up really badly although I am not sure why as the Philips box was fine with Channel 5 using the same connections.

I cannot decide if I should go back to the Phillips box and live with the freezing box and sound drop outs (they did not happen during programmes only during the links between shows) or if I should stick with the Sagem and live without Channel 5 and the poorer picture quality.

Does anyone have an opinion??? :lease:
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