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Sagem hd45- PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by talcy, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. talcy

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    Jan 22, 2005
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    anyone with a sagem hd45 a few questions i need to ask before i go and purchase one of these baby,s. I had a sagem axium 50" for 4 days but developed a fault with a green pulsing on all inputs, ended up returning it to shop, but whilst i had it for the 4 days, found it was very hard to get colour set up correctly, e.g the white's were to white and almost blinding. So if any one can answer a few questions it would be a great help.

    1. Are the whites super white,
    2. Ps2 on components any good,
    3. football, what can i expect pq.
    4. how far are we sitting away from set.
    5. sky on rgb what the pq like (photo's would be nice)

    any advice would be good, as im back with a 28" and its not fun at all and i need the big screen.


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