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Hi, I just wondered if anyone had watched the football on Sky tonight. The game I watched was on ITV 2 between Liverpool and Bayer Leverkusen. The picture was absolutely awful. I don't know how much of this is down to the transmission signals from SKY but it was unwatchable. Just before the game started when all the players lined up, the camera panned quickly across all the players faces and they just distorted completely. Also I noticed the field looked artificial and blocky and whenever a player moved on the screen there seemed to be what I can only describe as picture noise around the player. Did anyone else suffer with the same problems? I have SKY linked to the TV by a £60-00 gold "Monster" scart so I wouldn't have thought this was the problem. I am considering contacting Sagem to arrange for an engineer to take a look at the TV as it does seem to suffer with a fair amount of blurring/artifacts and picture noise especially on SKY transmissions. Has anyone else experienced problems like these with their sagem HD45 or is it perhaps mine is faulty. I have tried playing with the settings and lowering the contrast/ brightness etc but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Can someone out there provide me with the settings that they have so that I may give these a try.

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This is due to the low bit rates used on some sky channels. Experience from previous football games is that ITV are appalling when it comes to picture quality. Even on a 32" CRT the Euro 2004 ganes were rubbish on ITV. It can only get worse if it's on ITV2!

Try playing a variety of DVDs through the same scart. If they look OK, then you know it's Sky that's the problem.

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