Sagem HD-D50 - "halo" effect, how to fix?


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Nov 13, 2005
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I've got a Sagem HD-D50 G4T and I have an issue with a slight "halo" effect towards the bottom middle. I've got hold of the service manual and this says to adjust the mirror to fix this issue. Well, I stripped out the subwoofer and tweaked the mirror as suggested and whilst this fixed the problem I had with an overlarge border, I still have the halo effect. Anyone got any ideas for a fix?

Seems it needs a new bulb too, the red light has started coming on for 10 secs on power up, where's the cheapest place to get one nowadays?

Thanks all...

I'd be tempted to wait until the lamp is replaced before doing anything else in case its down to the bulb fogging up. Havent had to replace my bulb yet but have seen messages from others from hereabouts who've ordered from China via ebay without problems.
Doubt it's down to that, it's the same rectangular box as described in the service manual, but no matter how I tweaked the mirror I couldn't get rid of it :(

Ordered a bulb off Ebay and it should hopefully arrive tomorrow, so will see if that helps. Need to strip the set down and clean all the mirrors too at some point! The joys of having a partner who smokes :mad:


I've got the same halo effect as well, I also took the sub-woofer off and checked the mirror, without any success.
My bulb is not much older than 1 year, looked OK when I checked. Does anybody know if it's possible to fix?

It's still under warranty with Comet till the end of the month, had an extra 2 years warranty for free as it was a display model, so I was thinking of giving them a call.

Just worried how knowledgeable they will be with this type of TV, and if they will be able to fix it at my home.
Lol, good luck with Comet :) From what people have said on here, their engineers are mostly chimps who have virtually zero exposure to DLP technology. Just make sure they don't run off with your lamp!

I'm going to have a read of the service manual and give my set a good service the weekend, the new bulb has now arrived so while I'm doing that, I may as well strip it down and clean all the mirrors etc. Will let you know if this fixes things.

Well, new bulbs in and it looks brill! Still got me halo though :( Not had time to strip it down, but will do that in the future.


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