sagem HD-D45 Vs Samsung SP50


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Mar 9, 2005
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My local Comet and Curry's both have the sagem on demo, but the picture signal quality is poor. I've asked them to dem using a DVD but as both tellys are mounted high up they say they can't.
The samsung is on demo in Currys with a good signal and looks great. I've tried to look past the signal with the sagem and I'm concerned that the image appears "grey" or lacking in contrast when compared to even quite cheap CRT sets next to it.

Has anyone demoed the 2 against each other and can comment?

I can accomodate either set, not interested in sound as will not be using built in speakers, will be using for DVD and sky plus, not PC etc. The extra size of the Samsung is not a major advatage as will be viewing from 10-12 foot away. Any advice......Or are there any other suggestions.
I've demoed the two sets and the PQ is excellent on both of them.

One caveat with the HD 45. The anti-reflective coating on the screen leads to what has been called the "frosting effect" which results in a very slight grain on the picture noticeable when there is a lot of white on the screen.

It was something that had to be pointed out to me and I thought it of no consequence, until I saw the Samsung models without said effect. It made me notice it more when I returned to the Sagem.

However, Sagem have changed the coating on subsequent models and this effect is no longer evident. In a few weeks there will be a new 45" model from Sagem with a frost free screen.

Other than that the PQ of the Samsungs and Sagems were the best of any sets I auditioned.
cheers, really helpful, will the new Sagem have a different product code (xs) or somesuch or will it just be designated the same?
Yes - not sure what it will be but the code is similar to the present. You could do a search on this forum - I'm sure it has been discussed.

Another option however is the Samsung SP46. Nothing to choose between this and the 50" model picture quality wise.

An inch bigger than the Sagem and a few hundred quid cheaper. Also comes with a stand which the Sagem doesn't. Had this TV for the past 6 weeks and haven't found a single flaw in it. Stunning set! :smashin:

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