Sagem HD-D45 now or do I wait for new model?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by cR4cKF0x 5TevE, Sep 5, 2005.

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    Have been pondering on whether I go for LCD or Plasma as my HD ready tv, so on the way home from work tonight I went into Currys and Comet (I know, :rolleyes: ) to view some options. I must say I hadn't considered DLP before, but I had a good look at the Sagem Axium HD-D45/HD-D45S and the Samsung 50" model (haven't got the number to hand) and must say I was very impressed with the Sagem units, especially one being fed a HD feed of an American football game. Trouble is, "head office" will probably insist on silver to match the rest of the gear and I thought the silver model did look a little 'plasticky'.

    Very tempted to plump for one of these now (seen them for under £1400 on the web, is this the best price?) but was wondering if I should wait for the next generation of Sagem models which incorporate HDMI rather than DVI-D connectivity. I understand the new models have integrated Freeview tuners but this is of no interest since I watch everything through Sky+ and don't leave in a freeview area (standard analogue is awful as well).

    Any advice greatly appreciated.
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    Waiting for the next new model you'll never get a set
    I went from 32" Panny CRT to this 45" and it seems massive in our room 20'x12'
    I originally wanted the Sammy 50" but the wife was moaning too big
    I've waited for past 4 months unable to decide on which set then Currys knocked off £200 so bought their Silver model 4 weeks ago
    No doubt they will come down in price again so you could get a bargain with newer models coming out
    Great picture no glitches so far
    The Sky Plus channels seem ok via scart RGB even the football seems to have improved
    Have to see what HD broadcasts are like in the new year

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