Sagem HD-D45 Connection Help


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Just purchased Sagem 45 DLP unit and need help with best way to connect other units, hear so many conflicting tips that i am now confused.

Currently running Sky+ via IXOS Scart to AV1 with RGB output set and Pioneer 717 DVD via Scart to AV3 also running RGB on, pictures via SKY+ and DVD are superb although when looking at normal terrestrial broadcasts it is pants. The manual mentions AV5 for DVD players with Y Pb Pr outputs, is this any better.

Anybody have any tips on best set up :lease:



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I have my Toshiba SD-240E DVD player set up on AV5 with a good component lead. The picture is great and is preferred to the DVI feed from my Samsung HD750 DVD player.


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Definately better if you have a DVD with progressive scan component output.

Cheers :hiya:

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