Sagem DLP 45" nothing to touch it, or could the SAMSUNG sp46l6 ?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by nevtra, Mar 11, 2006.

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    HI, last year i bought a sagem 45s, it broke down and i've had to replace it with the sp46l6 samsung as currys dont do the sagem anymore and i thought that the samsung was the next best.

    I have to say that IMHO the sagem DLP is quite simply the best DLP tv available by about a mile, i was in makro, where they have reduced it incidentally to about 1200 quid, the assistant was great and let me play with all the sets and no matter how the sammy was tweaked it couldnt produce the depth, colour vibrancy or sharpness of the sagem. I was doing this as my sammy comes monday and i was trying to see if id be disapointed, sadly i think that i will be, not that the sammmy is rubbish, its not, its just that the sagem is superb, sublime and any other adjective you can think of to describe a dogs proverbials of a performance.

    Oh, the Sony 50 inch 3LCD was there too, the guy swaped the dvd player between the three sets and i placed the sammy between the sagem and sony, anyone agree?

    Are there any sp46l6 owners that can offer some reassurance/pics of the sets performance, and if you'd be so kind, a list of settings so when it arrives on Monday i can save mysellf some fiddle time?

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    Jan 17, 2006
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    Nothing can touch the Sagem at its price point, it's true. The comparable Samsung in PQ is probably the L7 model, but that's £600 more expensive.

    However, the build quality on the others at the same price point (LG 44sz8, Sony 3LCD, Samsung L6) is considerably better - the Sony has probably sold far more units, yet you don't see floods of problems with it here.
    Personally I went for the Sagem, although I dread it breaking down repeatedly, and having it in the repair shop all the time. If it has so many problems out of the box, it's really not a good sign for the long term :rolleyes:

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