Sagem D50 Progressive Component Picture 'Glitch'


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Feb 9, 2005
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Here is a Strange One for all the more experienced AV Forum members.

I purchased the Sagem 50 just before Xmas and a Pioneer 575 to go with it. I soon noticed that on progressive scan input (AV7) I got intermittent picture glitches - hard to describe but I'll have a go! The whole picture jumps to the right by one third to a whole frame, then rebuilds with a shower of digital black/white pixels. Then plays OK again. The glitch can occur twice in 30 seconds or not at all in an hour ! ! And it lasts for between .25 and 1 second

This happens on all DVD's so I thought maybe the DVD player.

Gave the Pioneer to my son (RGB only) and bought a Denon 3910.

Within a day I see the Same Problem ! ! Arrggh.

So ring Comet - an engineer visits - total bemusement - TV written off and new one duly delivered.

It exhibits the same problem ! Much bigger Argghh. :suicide:

Then visited by the Sagen engineer who was totally bewildered and could not suggest any remedy other than send it back and try the D45 instead.

Spoke to Comet and now TV number 2 is written off awaiting collection.

SO now what to do?

Questions -
Has anyone else seen anything like this?
Can I be sure it is definitely the TV?
I have been told (by Sagem) that HDCP will be retro fitted to D50, and by engineers that it definitely won't so this could mean that the D50 is obsolete anyway when Sky go HiDef - anyone else any thoughts.
I am now considering the D45 instead as it has HDCP, different Input set up, etc, but is this likely to have the same problem?
Are there any other DLP TV's out there as good as the Sagem, similar price, and with HDCP, etc all included?

I am now desparate to get this solved.

I think the Sagem Picture is Great when the glitch isn't happening. Slight niggles - I can see the RGB effect when I look away, I get some banding on moving objects in the frame (particularly faces), the fans are slightly annoying - but these are very small when compared with the really great picture.

Sorry this post is so long - I've read this forum for ages and always been impressed by the knowledge of the contributors. Here's hoping for some answers. :lease:
Could it be some thing to do with your mains supply?
I wondered about that.... The problem only occurs on input AV7 - if I select interlaced and use AV6 it doesn't happen, and it has never happened on Sky on AV1 (RGB). I considered getting a power smoother but good ones seem to be about £150 (I thinking Monster 1000) and my wife's patience with my spending is starting to run a bit thin! Could mains noise only affect one input type?
A mains problem would affect the whole set. You may have an intermittent component cable connection (could explain why it happens on both TVs) or it could be a software (TV) problem with the sync signal, but I would have thought the Sagem engineer would have picked up on either of these.
That's what I thought. I tried to rule out the cable by using the same one (Ixos) on AV6 when set to interlaced. In this configuration the fault was not visible.
The Sagem engineer thought that ruled out the cable and he was leaning towards software type issues - my version is the latest 062. He thought the fault may be ongoing and probably going to be visible in any D50. BUT oddly no one else has ever reported this on the forum (as far as I can tell) an Sagem have no knowledge. Their help desk has sent a report to France ( a week ago) but no reply yet.
The engineer has also sent a report to Sagem.
I could now take a refund on the D50 and go D45 but is this going to have a similar problem?
I've got the D45 running progressive from a Pioneer 575. No problems as you describe, but the progressive component input is darker and has a very slight green tint (I can overcome this with the contrast, brightness, gamma, hue settings of the DVD player). Another forum user has an engineer visit booked to try and get to the bottom of the problem, although in my eyes it is not a show stopper.

Interlaced mode is fine, as is DVI from PC, plus it is HDCP compliant ready for Sky next year.
I must say that - apart from the slight banding niggle - I really love the picture on the D50 Component. I set it up PAP and watched in component and RGB and the difference is quite noticeable. I just wish I could get to the bottom of this Glitch.

Also the HDCP compliance is important - eg the Denon won't play through the DVi output because the D50 isn't compliant.
Contact Sagem it's a software upgrade you need I got mine before Christmas and had the same problem with Euro1080. Don't pay any notice to what comet say.

Sagem have also said they will at some point find a way off getting HDCP working which will involve a hardware upgrade, unless sky change there mind and have component out.

The engineers are not part of Sagem all they do is get paid to fix the TV's when they can find the write paper work that tells them how to do it.
I had problems with my AV7 input for ages. SAGEM sent out an engineer with a replacement board, but he never fitted, just played about with connections and VOILA. Then it went wrong again, and this time they sen out an engineer who updated the software from #51 to #63, and since that pictures via AV7 have been truly amazing.
I had 51 now got 63. Works fine, also fixed the problems with the DVI
You Guys have got 063 - amazing - the engineer said his upgrade was only to 062 (which mine came installed with already).
Mose - What were your AV7 Problems?
sprattgraham - What problem did you have with the DVi?
How certain are we that Sagem really will sort out the HDCP problem - the guys on the help desk seem pretty certain but does anyone know any more.
When what HDTV on DVI you could only use 720P but some times it would lose the picture. Which now seems to be ok.

I been speaking to Sagem twice a month since it got Axium in Decemer and every time I ask about the HDCP they say they are working on it. When asking what they mean they say thay are looking at a harware upgrade, but thats all the have been told.

It seems that Sagem UK are having to put all the working into fixing the problem as C+ in France will no be using HDCP.

on AVY I had a mixture of very thick green banding to left and right of screen, picture would randomly jump, but the most annoying thing was a really wierd green tint on the picture, but the upgrade sorted it out

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