Sagem D45 and NTSC via DVI?


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Someone has said that NTSC is not supported via the DVI input of this set, can anyone confirm that NTSC works through the DVI connection?

Might have to switch the DVD player to output only PAL 60 if this is the case.


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Current Sagem owners, do you have any issues with NTSC?


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no problems with NTSC via component and S-video.
I ran only PC via DVI - 50 and 60 Hz - no problems.


This isn't the RD65 pal - it PLAYS NTSC.

( I have a COLD me thinks )


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Yes it was me that had the HD-45 and issue with NTSC. I phoned Sagem support and was told that NTSC was not support on the DVI socket but it was on component. Basically i had my 668av dvd player connected with an hdmi > DVI cable - i didn't indicate on player that hdmi connection was working (blue light on hdmi indicator should come on) & and also hdmi settings were grayed out. I got a picture with PAL stuff but as soon as i loaded anything NTSC the picture would go and you would get a no signal error.

I was also told that i needed to use a hdmi - hdmi > DVI converter which i also tried and still didn't work. Pioneer informed me that TV was not handshaking with the screen but i have tested player with another hdmi enabled screen and worked all ok.

TV has since gone back mainly due to Rainbow problem which was a shame as pretty good TV for the money.


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