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Sagem Axium - Polished my screen now have a huge smudge :(


I have used some Mr Sheen polish on my Sagem Axium 45inch HDTV. I started cleaning with the duster and it has left a HUGE smudge across the centre of the TV, anyone else had a probelem like this, do you think I should continue to do the rest of the screen so it all matches up ???

Im gutted and hope someone has had experience with this !



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Oh dear, you should never use a cleaner like that on these screens, just a damp cloth if anything. No I wouldn't do the rest of the screen, to be honest you're in a bit of a pickle now as I doubt it will be covered by warranty (I'm sure it says in the manual how to clean the screen and not to use things like Mr sheen etc). Good luck...
I did actually look in the manual and couldnt find anything that said how or what to use to clean and there was nothing.


Any other peoples thoughts would be appreciated.


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Try and use a damp cloth to clean it again with a bit of luck it might come off.
For cleaning my LCD, i just use kitchen roll and gently glide it across the screen surface, if I have some stuck on dirt, i try and scratch it off gently using the kitchen roll of course and my finger nail, the kitchen roll acts as a blacnket, anyway i take good care of my screen, and don't havea signla mark or scratch on it....i'd never use a damp cloth or window cleaner...


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yeah micro cloths are the thing to use, quite dear but well worth it. Going to look in the town to see if I can get them there. Cheapest Ive found them for is 9.99 anyone know where else I could get them cheaper?


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Unfortunately you have taken off the anti glare coating on your screen. The only way of reversing this is too replace the front layer screen. different screens use different types of first layer on them. This happened on my Panasonic 47" projection CRT TV. If you take the rest off you will find the screen reflects light alot. I did not have the bottle to clean the rest off of mine because my wife had just used an old cleaning cloth that had been used for polishing, and it had only made A few smears. This info came from a repairer that I got to look at it. :oops:


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What is the screen made from?

Mr Sheen etc is a very mild chemical cleaner but the main way it gives a 'sheen' is by using silicone which sits on top of the surface. As the silicone does not fully cure or bond, it is easily smudged.

Assuming the surface is not physically damaged, a Microfiber cloth should help with a gentle chemical cleaner eg Autoglym Interior Cleaner or Woolite (10:1), if the surface is non porous.


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(From the online manual, anglais_Lu45_45S_56B_rev_A.pdf: manual page 3, pdf file page 2)

- Before doing anything, disconnect the mains lead from the wall socket.
- Clean the cabinet using a soft, slightly damp cloth and a cloth with a non-abrasive, non wax detergent.
- Clean the screen carefully using a soft, damp cloth lightly impregnated with a soap solution.
- Never use benzene, alcohol or petroleum-based cleaning products as these could damage the finish and the screen.

I.e., don't use anything else. :nono:

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