Sagem Axium HDD50H


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Has anyone seen or got this model what is the picture like ?
I have also been told it has 3 RGB scarts And 2 HDMI sockets is this correct.


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I too, am very interested in any ones opinions in this set , pics etc etc etc
as I am looking to swap from 46WM48P to another 50" DLP.



Wrong times 10.

I have seen and owned this - you are talking about the 50 G4, which has 2 HDMIs and 3 Scarts amongst other thingys.

Boris Blank

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Wrong? How?

Its designated as HDD50H on the comet website so presumably thats the set ninehours is asking about and is therefore perfectly correct in calling it as such

Picture is superb! Both in hi-def and standard def. Sound can be a be thin and distorted at high-ish levels, but this can be got round by using an amplifier or attaching your own speakers. Very nice, especially at the reduced price of £1699! Bargain.



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For some reason comet list it as the HDD 50H, it is more correctly called the G4, which it is on most other websites. However rest asured, checking the spec on the website it has the 3 RGB Scarts and 2 HDMI, so it is the newer G4 model.


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You are spot on, it is the G4 T as it has a freeview tuner built in. Anyway it's a stonking telly for the price. I've got the 45 G4t, and it is excellent. I agree with your comments on sound, although I haven't seen it picked up on reviews, the sound is not up to the quality of the picture. I wouldn't mind betting that this is partly down to the cheapo connecting wire supplied and the cheap binding sticks(can't call them posts). I would imagine that an improvement could be had for a few quid on wire and a bit of solder.


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Yes i did see it on the Comet web site. I was going to get the Sony KDF-E50A12U untill i saw the Sagem now it has put me in two minds as to what to get. I like the sony but thought it was a bit light on the connectivity side. But the sagem seems to have everything you could want ? :thumbsup:

Billy Hunt

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The picture for the stand looks a bit strange
It looks like half the TV got left behind :D
Is it the speaker from the TV that hasn't been edited out or does it look like that if does what it is it.

P.S. Any sign of the 56inch G4 T


I am also in the process of purchasing a DLP TV, and have my sights on Sagem Axium - only problem is I haven't decided on model.

I really want a bigger screen than 50", so the Sagem 56B is the only choice.

My question is if anyone can say anything about picturequality differences on the HD50 and 56. As far as I know the 50" has a HD4 chip, and the 56 has a HD2+ chip.



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It has been posted before that Comet place their own part numbers on these sets (I am told to help them when it comes to like for like requests for price match as they can then say it is a different part number) (I actually think it is down to the comet stock system that needs to give everything a different internal stocking unit to the maufacturers code else it can't hold both:smashin: )

So, you say potato, I say potaato etc...;)


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