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Hello everyone. I am seriously considering purchasing one of these from comet for £1499 http://www.comet.co.uk/comet/html/cache/648_237515.html.

My main idea is to use it for the Xbox 360 and Sky HD. But I would also like to use it as a PC monitor.

Firstly What cables will I need to buy. I have a DVI and VGA commection on my graphics card. Secondly since it will be on my large desk how far away will I need to sit away from it for a comfortable viewing. And Finally, does the screen support popular game widescreen resolutions. for example half life 2 has the ability to be 16:9 ratio but will this tv have the correct resolution to play it without just streching a normal 4:3 picture.

If you have played your computer on this in the past culd you possibly share your experiences or maybe a few screens?

Thanks for your time!


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Sky HD, PC driven and any progressive DVD will all work superbly on the Sagem.:thumbsup:

1. Go for DVI as I get a much better picture through this over VGA.
2. For PC screens you can get away with 6 feet (2M) or even less as the image is 100% mirror-to-Pixel matched and the image is as clear as it can be. For TV step back a little further - especially if the source is less than 100%
3. I play HalfLife2 on the Sagem 56" from about 4-5 feet away and it is so lifelike that I get carried away with the graphics. I use 1024/768 resolution in 16:9 which is mapped perfectly without any stretching or change of the image. I will try and post a few HL2 and other game pictures later in the week



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I'm using the same tv as my computer monitor. I've hooked it up with a DVI cable as its alot better than using vga. I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse so i can sit about 1.5 m from the screen. All the game look amazing on this tv especially Farcry and Half-life 2. I'm getting the xbox 360 at launch and im sure it will look amazing on this tv.



Sorry for the poor use of english. Its 6.50 am..


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Use DVI cable - the result is fantastic!
I played HL2 with 1280x720 16:9, at thi IS native resolution, not 1024x768 :)
Quake3 looks better with Sagem because even if it's 1024x768, it supports "wait fir vertical sync" function of grafic card and as a result the motion is super smooth! I've played with half life and graphic card settings but couldn't make it work :( so it's juddering little bit. but not noticable much.
i tried Doom3 and was disappointed. it refuses to run on any resolution over 800x600. The Sagem doesn't have native 1024x768 setting and you can see it in DDC information. all other games overcome this simply by using ATI drivers but doom3 just skips to 800x600....

and the distance - i am using it as a monitor for my PC now:) anything between 1.5 and 2.5 meters ia fine.


Thanks alot for the replies. Please post some pictures of games running. Unfortunately I fear that I may have to wait till March to get the danm thing becuse I need £400 of it to go towards my Xbox 360 :(


Just tried to look at the HD-D45 on the comet site and it's not there any more.
Emailed Comet and they said.
"Regrettably the HD-D45 has been discontinued, so we will be unable to supply this item."

Anyone know if this is true? :mad: as I was just about to order one, but not if it is disconntinued.


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They aren't discontinued... They are selling them in store - just not online anymore.

They had it as a package with a PVR freeview box for £1699 until last week online and now do just the TV in store for £1499.

Racquel Darrian

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Just saw the new model at the John Lewis website.
Looks good so I'm going to wait for it.

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