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Hello everyone!

I'm very new to this forum, so I hope I don't bore any of you with my questions.

I've owned this TV now for a couple of years, but I have some questions related to new hardware I've attached to it, and some queries on some problems I may be having.

1. Full HD? I don't think it is, but when I run skyHD through it via hdmi the display says 1920x1080, so does this mean it's a full HD tele, or is this just the signal being sent into the tele, but it's not actually displaying that res? I don't understand.

2. Also, with regard to the 'full HD' I've got a Sony DZ230 Home Cinema attached and I can upscale DVD's. The resolution again can be upscaled to 1920x1080 and again the display button says this res on screen but via dvd I get black vertical bars in the black areas on the picture, like some sort of signal breakdown. Has this got to do with incompatibility between 720 and 1080 resolutions?

3. For a few months now I have noticed dark smudges in the center of the screen, as if the screen is dirty but these are actually under the glass. How can I get rid? Would it be screen burn? I didn't think LCD's suffered from screen burn?

4. Related to the screen burn problem, through Sky TV if there is no signal and that yellow and blue box is displayed, if this is left on the screen for a few seconds, like when I'm looking for another channel for example, when I do change channel I can see the message still on the screen even when I've changed the channel. Again is this a form of screen burn? Also pesky channel logos remain on screen for a while after I've changed the channel. Not for too long, and they are not perminant, will they harm the tv? Kids whatch disney channel alot and that huge disney logo in the bottom of the screen can be on my tele for a few hours - will things like this harm the unit?

I think that's it, sorry I've gone on a bit too long, I hope anyone out there can help me out.

Many thanks

I believe this is an "HD Ready" TV, and the resolution messages you are seeing refer to the input. Where it's possible it might be worth trying a lower bandwidth inputs (i.e. 720) - it could be better than the full HD resulution input, and might possibly solve the issue of the black verticals you mention. It's worth trying anyway.

LCDs screens don't suffer screen burn like plasma screens - think what computer screens would be like if they did! Did the channel identity tags always take so long to clear?
Thanks phlog! yes, reducing the input resolution does rid the black bars I forgot to mention that I've always done this and yes the black bars are only visible in 1920x1080 resolution. The channel logos have always seemed to stay on screen after the channel has been changed, but after a few seconds they seem to disappear.

What about the smudges then? This is the most important thing I'd like to know about - if it's not screen burn how can I get rid of them? They are particularly noticeable when there is white or light image on the screen.
"What about the smudges then?"

I've heard of "clouds" but never of smudges on LCDs. I can't help you there, I'm afraid. I hope someone else will be able to post with further information.
clouds? I suppose they look like clouds, smudges would be just one way to describe them.

If I could post a picture I would, maybe if I can get it just right I'll upload one for you to see.

So these clouds? what causes them and how can I get rid?

Thanks again,
"Clouds" are areas of the screen that are whiter than others - even when the whole screeen is supposed to be black (or as close to black as LCDs are capable) they will still be whiter.

Turning down the backlight can help considerably, and then adjusting brightness and contrast.

If your smudges really are clouds then the only product I've come across that MAY help is here:
Maybe not clouds then, these areas are darker and can mainly be seen on light areas of an image. They are very annoying!
Will that product help for darker or is my tv knackered?

"Will that product help for darker or is my tv knackered?"

Better read up on the website (desparately trying not to be seen to recommend it!).

After searching on that model TV I must confess that your latter point did occur to me, too. But it really, really should last much longer than two or three years.
That DVD may be a solution, if that doesn't work looks like I'm in for spending some money...

Or put up with it. Yes, I've not had much luck with these new tv's, my first plasma died after 3 months and this one doesn't seem to be very good either.

Yet my old gran bless her has still got a 4 channel push button wooden cased Ferguson from about 1980 still going strong... maybe I should go retro!

I'll get that dvd at the end of the month, and post back if it works.

Thanks for your help phlog, if anyone else has any suggestions throw em at me, I'll try anything not to spend!!

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