Sagem Axium HD-D45 G4 in stock at John Lewis

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Aug 18, 2003
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Just had an email saying these are in stock on their website but stock are limited. :clap:
It means Generation 4 in other words it’s using the HD4 chipset where the old HD-D45 & HD-D56 used the HD2+ Chipset.

The real model number of the new Sagem John Lewis is selling HD-D45H G4 T
Indeed. This is an "official" request. Please refrain from using text speak and similar abbreviations on the forums. Please use English, to the best of your ability. Thank you.
That blows it for me. Us old codgers were getting on just fine with all the technology speak around new generation AV systems, cables, scalers, PQ definitions and new Chip details but '$f5&%43'?????:confused: ??? Even my dictionary rejects that one!:lesson: :lease: :D

so would the new HD4 chip be noticable in the quality difference?

should i look to buy a set with the older HD+2 chip ?
As you may see from other posts, many people are of the view that the H4 will produce slightly less sharp pictures and handle heavy motion less well (Based initially on reports from the US forums) It is not clear from any UK users reports if this is the case but certainly the H4 is a cheaper mass-produced version of the chips and perhaps this is the reason Sagem have beefed up their new sets with an addition motion crystal chip?? :rolleyes:


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