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Ive a jailbroke 3g have been using it a few weeks now and Safari seems to be crashing the more I use it.Usually when typing in a text box it will suddendly take me back to the home screen is anyone else getting this ?
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21. Jailbroken and I get it very very occasionally.


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On 2.1 the more i use it the more it happens.Was looking over on the mac forums seems its a known problem just hope it gets fixed with 2.2 :(


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I was having the same problem, not jailbroken though.

Apple told me to reset the phone (hold the home and top button down for 10 seconds) and its been fine since.


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I have the same issue, before and after jailbreaking.

If you clear the Safari cache it solves it for a few days. Also someone recommended getting BosPref and running the fix permissions as they reckon some the permission setting in 2.1 are incorrect. I ran that yesterday and have not had a crash since, but I also cleared the cache so it will take a few days before I know for sure.

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