Safari gone missing...


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Hi guys,

Just a quick one, the Safari app seems to have disappeared from my iPhone 4.

Before anyone asks the obvious, no I haven't moved it to another folder etc.

I also tried to reset home screen in the Settings - General folder.

Can anyone possibly help? Driving me mad! :thumbsdow




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Should be able to see if it's still there by swiping right to get Spotlight search up & typing Safari.

Won't show you it's location though.


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Try the soft rest (hold home and stanby button until phone restarts and you see the apple logo).


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If you are jailbroken, go to SBSettings > More > Hide Icons.

Scroll through and switch Safari to OFF. Respring your iPhone then do the same as above but switch Safari back to ON. Respring again and it "should" reappear.


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Keep hold of one of the icons until they go wiggly as if you were to move them. Mine did that with messages and once I did the above it reappeared.

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