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Guy of Gisbourne

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An early niggle with my Mac Mini is safari keeps locking up. If multiple pages are open it only applies to one. I can open new pages and surf pages already open except the one that is frozen. All is well until I come to shut down,I get a message to close safari which is preventing shutdown! Unfortunately I cannot shut it down except powering off the computer with the 'on/off' switch which is not really ideal.

Sometimes when the freeze happens I am able to reduce the window (yellow button) and open it again but nothing else. Again I cannot shut down without holding the on/off button.

Any ideas on what is causing this?

I am also trying Google chrome but thus far the problem has only occurred with Safari.

Thanks in advance,

the colonel


I have had a similar issue where safari gets stuck open. It gets stuck in a loop and tries to open my home page and at that point no other tab works.
Like you and being new I too could not close it or shut machine off and I hunted around the launch pad to find a way of closing it like I would in Windows.
I use Activity Monitor and select safari and quit it from there.


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What Mac OS are you runninf on your Mac Mini ?
Does it have all the updates ?

What you can try as well is looking on the discussion forum on the Apple site.
Probably there are more experts that can help.
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Guy of Gisbourne

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Thanks for the replies.

I will try that Newfiedrool when it occurs again, however, I wonder what is causing it?

iChipie-I have only had the Mac a week and it is running Lion with all the latest updates. Good advice regarding the Mac forums will register and see what I can find.

Guy of Gisbourne

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Is this happening on a specific website?

No, it has locked up on Youtube and twice on the Apple support pages where I seem to be spending most of my time! I can't honestly remember which sites I was on before that.

Will try Google Chrome for a couple of days to see if there are any lock ups using that.

Camfire, is there a log you can access on Lion to see what has caused the problem? Being new to Macs I do not know my way around.


the colonel

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The Colonel, run 'Console' (Apple+Spacebar and type it in, or in Applications Utilities) and you'll find all the logs you've ever dreamed off :)

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