Sadness - discussion thread


Sarah Nya

Just seen this on Videogamesplus, has anyone heard much about it, I could use a new survival horror game!


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Made by a Polish company and a lot is still unknown. A video was released to promote it a while back but it had no in-game footage but hinted at how the remote could be used.

It's drummed up a bit of controversy though, much like the original Manhunt did.


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no one seems to much about this game, ive got a feeling it could either going to be amazing or a stinker.


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just been reading the GAF threads and it looks like the publisher has dropped its support.

So its probably on hold till it gets a publisher, but from the looks of things it doesnt look like its gonna see the end of its project.


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I have this one on preorder from playasia, they only put it on there about 3 weeks ago with a release date down as June. I certainly expect that date to slip but I'm hoping it will see a release as it sounds interesting.

The developer is still down as Nibris on the playasia under the game details. Guess we'll just have to wait for some updates & hopefully screenshots to surface.

[EDIT]Hmm, just came across this shortly after posting the above, doesn't sound promising.


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Yeah I'm really looking forward to this, and hopefully it's still on the cards as the concept for it sounds like it will be good.

Here's the tit bits of info that I rememeber

- Will be entirely in black and white
- Wont feature any sort of HUD

Fingers crossed this will be picked up by some other publisher.


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Thread merged, although the link to the new screen shot doesn't work for me either, not sure if it's the same one that was unconfirmed as original a few weeks ago(think it was taken from a magazine scan).


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Saw this earlier, does appear genuine enough, would like to hope the game is further into development than people think(which considering the game often gets labelled as vapourware I guess wouldn't take much:)).

Still have hopes for this game, have had it on preorder for well over 12 months(along with Disaster: Day of Crisis:rolleyes:).


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I apologize if this has already been posted as I am a newer member of this forum, but check out what looks to be the first footage of the highly anticipated Sadness title that is headed to Wii.

The footage looks pretty realistic but you guys be the judge!

Click here and check it out.. (You'll have to scroll down)


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Hi freakzilla3000 & welcome to the forums:)

Merged your thread into the existing Sadness discussion thread. As you'll notice the video was posted here a couple of days ago, I for one was pretty pleased to see it, even if it isn't concrete, it's better than nothing for now;)

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