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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by erikm, Apr 29, 2007.

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    So, at 3 AM last Wednesday my dog went nuts, running up and down the hallway, barking like crazy, then just stopped. I thought I'd just go back to sleep. At 3:05 the smoke detector started squealing and we couldn't ignore it. Got up. Looked down the hall squinting at the fireplace at the far end of our living room. Wait - we don't have a fireplace!

    We moved into this place in March and decided to set up our separate audio components. I finally had my 15 year-old Adcom GFA-5500 (paired with pre-amp GFP-565) repaired. Hooked up our 25-year-old M&K Volkswoofer and Satellite B-1's. VW sounded like goose farts in the fog. Sent it out for re-coning and bought a 10" Velodyne sub on eBay, still waiting for it to arrive but needed our music, so we hooked up the B-1's.

    We don't have a fireplace, it was one of the B-1's, with flames shooting from the cones! The fire hadn't spread to the cabinet yet, and I was able to disconnect it and get it outside, where I placed it front-down and extinguished the fire...

    So, I'm told that one of the channels in the Adcom 5500 must have put out a DC signal (supposed to have an override to shut down in case this happens!).

    Long and short is, I'm shopping for new speakers and maybe a new amplifier. My budget is up to about $3K USD. Yesterday I listened to some Dali Helicons - 300's and 400's, and a couple sets of Magnepans - MG12's and 1.6's. I loved the 400's (almost $5K new, found a pair for about $3K used online), preferred them to the 300's even though the sales guy thought the 300 was a better deal. The Maggie 1.6's blew me away, but I'm not sure there's enough room in our listening space to set them up properly.

    I'd like some forum feedback -

    Assuming we can get the Adcom 5500 back in shape, is it a good match for the Dali's or the Maggies?

    What other speakers should I listen to in the up-to-$3K USD range?

    Anyone want to buy a single M&K B-1 satellite?


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