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hello ive been looking to buy a sacd player poss off ebay as i dont wont to pay a lot because ive only a few sacd's the thing is most of the ones ive seen tend to be dvd players that also play sacd's though i would prefer it to be just a cd player im not fussed either way any help please

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If you don't want to pay a lot then a DVD player is your best bet, but don't worry because they can sound ok! When you say 'a lot' how much is your budget?


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The Pioneer 575a or 696 models and similar ones just above or below those are easily within your budget and aren't too bad. You may lucky and find a Denon 1920 cheap enough. Otherwise check out the cheaper Sony SCD cd players (XE670, XB940 etc), these are CD players but unlike other non Sony, non DVD players they tend to output 5.1. Most cd players that do SACD tend to only support stereo. There are also some older Toshiba and Phillips models that are supposed to OK, although I don't remember what models.

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