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A questions for all you SACD experts out there: When playing stereo (2 channel) SACD's on my Sony 905 player, is the signal through the 5.1 connections to my amp (which only comes out of the front speakers), the same as that sent thru the regular red/white twin phonos? The reason for asking is that by using the multichannel phonos, I cant apply any eq, but could if using the normal phonos.


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I think it isn't the same - the normal stereo out is more "CD" quality as far as I understand it. I did this when I first got my SACD player (mainly cos I didn't have enough interconnects to connect the 5.1 outputs) and was a bit disappointed that it didn't sound anything spectacular.

Definitely an improvement going to the 5.1 outputs - but maybe this is due to there being less circuitry in the AV amp for these inputs!


P.S. when you say "eq" do you mean treble / bass adjustment or balancing the volume of the channels? If you are changing treble / bass then probably the amp isn't up to noticing the difference in quality between CD and SACD anyway.


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I also have a Sony 905 DVD-player (and a Sony 1080 AV-receiver).

When I play a CD via the digital coax input or via the analog 2 channel input I can use the equalizer mode in the AV-receiver to adjust treble and bass but via the analog 5.1 multi channel input I can’t.

Is the analog 5.1 multi channel input in the AV-receiver always "direct" without any possibility to use the equalizer mode?

Is the 2 channel stereo signal from the analog 2 channel output the same as from the 5.1 channel output in the DVD-player?

When playing a SACD the analog 5.1 channel input is the only choice so I guess I can’t use the equalizer mode in the AV-receiver when playing a 2 channel stereo track or the CD layer on a hybrid SACD?


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