SACD playback on ordinary CD-player

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    I have a Sony CDP-CX335 CD player (300-disc carousel) and I have recently changed the laser pick-up head in service centre on it due to track skipping.
    There is a Super Audio CD (Tool-Lateralus) in it, that has given me problems lately, I hear background noise (cracking is the best word I know for it since my native language isn't english) during playback of this disc in the rhythm of the music. This never happened before the laser change and there is no issue with ordinary CD's. I don't think I have any more SACD's (there is 200+ CD's in the machine and the cases are hidden at the bottom of a closet) to try. Physically this disc seems fine and my PS2 SCPH-30004 has no issues playing it. I have tried the "hard reset" but this doesn't work always (I'm not sure but seems like I need to keep the juice out of the machine for a full day at least). Changing slots doesn't help either.

    Problem is that this album is my favorite and I was planning to upgrade into 400-disc DVD/SACD carousel from Sony only next year.

    Is this normal behaviour from ordinary CD player with SACD playback or should I have it serviced again? The player is about 4 years old.
    Maybe there is some damage done to the disc from the track skipping (before laser change)?

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