SACD - No Sound - Help Please !!



I have a Pioneer 656a (multi-reg) connected to a Sony STR-DB1080. I decided to try SACDs, so I purchased 6 Atlas Equator interconnects to connect the 6-channel outputs from the DVD player to the amp (using Multi Ch 2 in on the amp).

My problem is that when I play a SACD (eg Tubular Bells) I get no output from both my Sub or my Centre speaker (the other four speakers are working fine).

Anyone know what I have done wrong here? The set-up of the DVD looks fine (i.e. SACDs to 5.1 multi channels), but I suspect I may not have got my head around the amp settings yet (it is a bit daunting for a newbie like me :( .



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Are the centre speaker and sub set to "on" in the 1080's setup menu?

Also, have you connected the DVD to the multi channel input on the amp and then assigned the multi channel input to the SACD function?


Yes to both !!

Sound from my DVDs works perfectly, so I think I have set up something wrong on the amp, or the DVD player is faulty.


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I had trouble getting the 6 ch output working with a standard dvd (I haven't bought any SACDs yet) so heres the things I changed:

Have you set the 5.1 outputs to connected? (P24 of your manual step 6)
Have you set sacd playback to multi ch Area? (p59)
Have you set the speakers Auto Output Mode to 5.1 (p60)



Bear in mind that you may also have to set up speaker arrangement and levels on the DVD/SACD player. You are not using the processing department of your amp for SACD, the player does it all. I suspect your problem maybe in the setup menus there.



Thanks for the advice - tried everything suggested but still no luck. Damned annoying. Could the DVD player be faulty, and if so how could I check this?

Could it be anything to do with crossover frequency, speaker settings, etc. Just grasping at straws and dropping a few techy words - haven't a clue what I talking about !!

Where could I find some basic information for newbies which may help me with these and other AV topics?



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Does Tubular Bells use centre or sub?

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