sacd & dvd-audio playback ?


crazy diamond

i am new to dvd recorders but was thinking about purchasing one but have one 0r two questions:
do anyone know if it would work ok in australia as i know the tv sytem is different although it is still pal as i may be emigrating at the end of the year.
Also are they any models with sacd & dvd-audio playback

:confused: :confused:


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If the dvd player has the facility to play dvd audio and sacd( have a search on the forum for available models and opinions). it should be fine.

You may have issues with the video side of dvd audio9but I'm not sure if this is correct), but as far as I know sacd should be fine as i beleive it does not contain video material, I could be mistaken again. The player will only really be decoding the sound format, I think.

My knowledge of this is basic and only aquired from searching the forums.

I only have on dvd audio and this has no video on it.

It doesn't look like I have helped you in any way, but trust some time spent searching the forum will be rewarding.

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