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SACD and high frequency speakers

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Yohanan, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. Yohanan


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    I´m getting a home cinema system which has to have the guts to play both stereo CD, SACD and, of course, movies.

    Even knowing that SACD can go as high as 100KHz, I´m getting the Wharfedales 8.3 for my fronts and, later, the 8.1 for rears and the centre channel from the same family, all of them go as high as 20KHz.

    In the same budget, the only available super tweeter equipped speakers, I think, are the Sonys, talking about the ss-mf450 and ss-mb250, which go as high as 50KHz and are even cheaper than the Wharfedales but lack in building quality.

    So, for my budget, I choose to have a pretty good sounding 5 channel SACD, as multichannel is the reason I´m getting it, than a not so good 5 channel SACD with extended frequency.

    Just want to know your feedback on the matter. What is the real value of the extended frequency of SACD?

    I know that the human hear can´t listen to much higher that 20KHz sound, but there´s much about sound that we don´t know and the frequencies above that level must contribute to the way the sound sounds natural to us. Of course there are a lot of harmonics that we don´t even hear, but we must hear the effects of their interaction with the waves within the frequency range we hear.

    If that´s true, it´s important we reproduce them even if we can´t hear them. But how much important is that? What are your experiencies?

    I´ve had an audition with the top of the line of sony products, including their best speakers which go as high as 70KHz, and I´ve not been that impressed.

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