SACD and DVD-A together?


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It seems that most players I am looking at do either SACD or DVD-Audio.....but I now want both...

What decent(ish) players support both formats in the < &#163;250 bracket?

Need to replace my dead S97 - RIP :(


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Well I was always a fan of the Pioneer range, having and still own a Pioneer 565, 575 and 868....

So even though I've not seen one in action I would start by investigating the Pioneer DV-696.



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According to the current issue (133) of Home Cinema Choice, Pioneer have unveiled their 2006 range of DVD players, including the DV-696 which, for £130, offers both DVD-A and SACD, as well as HDMI output and "DivX Ultra" certification (playback of all versions 3.11 to 6, plus support for DivX 'home theatre' profile).

Sounds like it'll be a pretty good buy, especially when the discounters get their hands on it.

Best of luck.




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Still have my Pioneer 656a, supports both formats.

The only drawback being no prog. scan through component.
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