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Steve Withers

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Cas Harlow champions Schwarzenegger for allowing David 'Training Day' Ayer to lead him into the dark, ambiguous The Shield-esque world of corrupt anti-heroes, despite the fatally flawed end results.

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Hi Cas - great review.

p s- might want to edit the comment "The gripping premise starts to fall apart once you really that nobody really had a handle on how to tie it up all satisfactorily."...I think you meant to use the word realise?


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Thank You for the review Casimir,
Such a shame, I really had high hopes for this film!
I am sure I will enjoy it, but these people need to take on board what the actors think more IMO.
(I cannot imagine Arnold not having some comments!)
A good example would be Clint Eastwood, What a remarkable director he turned out to be!


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Even the trailer makes the film looked it's been hacked as you get mixed feelings from just a couple of minutes.

Shame as the "Directors Cut" sounded like it could have been a much better movie given David Ayer's great films he's made previously. Hell knows why, but I also feel/fear it'll be a long time before we see his intended version. Look at Brian Helgeland's Payback.


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I thought this was a bit of a shambles of a film, non of the characters were really that likeable, the plot was all over the place, inconsistances (probably due to the cuts), bad editing and just plain dull really with some extreme violence. The best bit I found was the last 10 minutes.

barnaby jones

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Saw this yesterday..... Where do you start with Sabotage ? There's so many problems with it even Jay Z would feel over whelmed


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Saw this last night. I had very low expectations but still managed to enjoy some of it (mainly the relationship between Harold Perrineau and Olivia Williams and the "48% body fat" line) The rest of the cast was wasted though and it felt like even the guys and gals working in the morgue had more characterisation than the actual DEA team Arnie was leading. Would only ever watch again if it was on TV.


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I enjoyed it! (But then I'll watch any old crap). Got some re-watch value for me and I loved seeing Arnie as an anti hero, looking and acting his age.
I was very much aware of the disjointedness of the storyline, but I felt that tied in well with it and helped to show the escalation as to how quickly the whole thing could go south.


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I enjoyed it but agree it was far from perfect, the thing that mostly bugs me is that it feels like there is a really good film trying to get out...

Also.... anybody else think thats Arnie's house was very similar to the one at the start of Commando...?

Sloppy Bob

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Awful, awful, awful.

Started off OK and within 10 minutes just made no sense.
How did the bosses know they'd stolen money?
They vaporised/burned what was left by blowing it up, there would be some left and charred pieces lying about but it was completely nonsensical.
The rest of the crew were cardboard cutout cliches who just swore a lot, acted tough (unlikeable assholes) and were utterly dysfunctional.

The only positive was the film actually required Arnie to act and he was pretty decent. On a grade of 1-10 I'd give it a lousy minus.
Very disappointing considering the quality of the cast and crew.
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