Sabine Schmitz


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Sad news. Way too young and such great talent.


Just found that extremely sad news hard to take in :( , she was so full of life, could have jump started a cemetery occupants back to life she seemed to have that much to spare.
Hope God builds her a Nurburgring out back of heaven for her.

R.I.P. Sabine


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Saw the thread tile and thought no way, that's the Queen of the Nordschleife.:eek:

RIP :(


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Edited as I agree its sad and my first comment appears incorrect.
She was ace. Loved the top gear van thing
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GaryB 1978

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Very sad news indeed. Loved watching her drive and irate all that amateur drivers trying to tackle the ring whilst she passed them in a van... RIP


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Sabine what a driver,what a lady,full of fun.
She showed the boys how to drive on Top Gear.
RIP Sabine.

Jay J

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Murray was 97 so had a good life. But 51 is far too young to go. She has driven her final lap, but sadly lost the race to Cancer. I understand this coming weeks Top Gear will be dedicated to her, possibly show highlights.

RIP Sabine

Sloppy Bob

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I very briefly met her years ago doing the "Ring Taxi"

I went with her colleague and my friend went with her. He's not much of a speed freak and came out the car looking white as sheet with a decidedly "I'm going to vomit any second look" about him.

She was laughing her ass off while also being concerned he was going to be OK.

We were supposed to go for lunch after, never even made dinner, he was too ill.

I enjoyed watching her on TG etc, far too young.

RIP Sabine.


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as others have said on here
,taken far too soon ,she was a superb driver and she was funny as well
RIP Sabine.


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RIP Sabine Schmitz


GaryB 1978

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I don’t often get emotional when those that I don’t personally know die. But watching the Top Great tribute again, that was a fitting emotional send off.... RIP indeed what a loss 😞

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