SA-VS500H or SA-VE545?


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Jan 12, 2004
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Dublin, Ireland
I have been offered a 'good' deal on the above speaker packages but not sure which to go for or even if worth going for. Is there anyone out there with either of these and what are they like?

The prices are €515 (stg£350) for the 500H's and €440 (stg£300) for the 545's but since the 545's will require the purchasing of stands they'll work out slightly more than the 500's. I will need 4 stands for the 545's as I'm in rented accomodation so can't use wall brackets and the cheapest I've found would be about €80 (stg£55). The normal price for the 500H's is €679 and for the 545's is €579.

I will be pairing them with a STR-DB790 in a 20' x 14' room and will be using it for 90% movie so not overly worried about music.

Any comments/advice welcome.
every sony speaker package i've ever listened to have been awful sound but look stunning.

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