S5000 or C-750???


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I know you must get sick of people asking for help choosing but I do not know enough about camera's to know what makes a good camera. I am interested in the fuji S5000 which i can get for about £230 or the olympus C750 which can be had for about £280.

I know the c750 is higher res, but i have been warned of because it has a phsyically smaller ccd???

I prefer the look of the fuji and the feel of it etc but i cannot get my hands on a c750 to play with it......

I look forward to your respone and your advice...


Dennis Leighton

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Like you I am new to digital cameras but I have received some excellent advice from this Forum and as a consequence have just purchased a Canon Powershot A80. I am thrilled with it and I would suggest that you take that one into your deliberations. At present on www.pricerunner.com the price is shown as £220. for the basic. I got mine from www.ukdigital.co.uk as a package to include 128mb compact flash card, exc.case, fast batt.charger including 2000 Nimh batteries(4 pack) for £281. A 32mb. compact flash card comes with the camera in any event. I am extremely impressed with it. Someone no doubt more experienced than me will be along shortly to offer their more professional advice.
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