S.W.A.T problems



I am sorry if this a duplicate thread, but has anyone got the SWAT Region 1 and had problems getting past the 'Sony does not agree with commets' etc. initial screen

I have a HK 30 and the only way to get the disc to play is by using the scene selection process.

I have mentioned the make of the player as my son also has a HK and he gets the same problem


One thing i did notice with my copy, it did play fine right the way through, but in the subtitled bit (in the horrible Tristar Player Genertated YELLOW!) it shows english at the bottom of the screen and french at the top!

Anyone else had this or is this to do with my player settings? Both are Sony players (a DVP-NS930 downstairs and a DVD-NS730 in my bedroom).


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Originally posted by stevepr
'Sony does not agree with commets' etc.
I have never heard of such a thing - what exactly does it say? :confused:


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No problems for me, well apart from when the FBI warnings come on in English and French there is some strange banding across some of the lines of words but the film is fine.

Ohhh forgot to say thats playing it on a cheep Philips with a remote control regon hack, Ive also got a Sony 635 but never got round to having it chiped



I think he means on the tv screen, you get the columbia titles, then the menu. When you click play, it then brings up a disclaimer stating that the commentaries and comments are those of the individuals and do not represent the thoughts of Columbia Tristar legal blah blah...rubbish.

Just a thought. Have you tried stopping playback then playing again, sometimes it 'unlocks' the 'freeze', had to do this with my old tosh player on some US titles.


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Originally posted by dave_b9000
I believe the SWAT disc is RCE, that may be causing the problem
After managing to sit through this, I wished my player didn't play RCE discs.


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No probs either pioneer 717


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Just tried to play my new R1 SWAT on my sony 735 chipped player but all I get is a message saying 'This disc will not play on modified players please rent or buy for the correct region' I've had the player for 5 years without any problems. SWAT plays fine on my hacked Hyundai in the bedroom. IS the chip knackered in my Sony or have the film industry finally managed to come up with something to stop the use of chipped players. Advice please ?:mad:


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Fine on both my a350 and HTPC.
I quite liked it : just a lightweight old-fashioned cop actioner

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