s-video Vs RGB -> component via RS box


nigel madagan

the panny is on it’s way :)

Going to connect DVD & SKY+ to it (both RGB)

Opinion on these pages favours converting to YUV via an RS box over s-video. However my AV receiver (Denon AVR-3801) can switch s-video and YUV inputs, but not RGB

Couple questions please

1.can anybody Quantify how much better YUV will be over s-video

2.Does the amp act simply as a switch and if so could the YUV in and out terminals be used to switch RBG then feed the out signal via the RS box or is there more to it than this. The connections appear to be the same

I would prefer to use the receiver as a switch for the video signals if possible as it will tie everything together neatly (sound/vision/remote control and a happier wife)


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Why not get both dvd and sky an RGB>YUV converter and the connect those to the amp and switch as you wanted ???

see www.rgbtosvideo.com ...

You will notice a difference passing component to the plasma as oppose to just s-video ... especially if your dvd can do progressive scan output (you didn't say what model ?)



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