???? S-Video to SCART Lead ?????


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Hi all, I hope you can help me.

DOes anyone know of teh make and model of an S-Video to SCART lead.

Most of the ones I have seen such as Ixos etc are SCART to S-Video in terms of directionality.

Any recommendations appreciated



Are you sure you've got your directions the right way around???

I've got a simialr post on here about SCART to SVideo, and not being able to find that direction of cable easily/cheaply.

My setup uses QED cables, I've got an S-Video -> Scart cable from their base (cheapest) range that takes the video stream from the Denon 1804 AV Receiver to the Plasma TV.

It's getting SCART -> SVideo that has been a problem/expense (in my case getting the video stream from the Digital Box to the AV Receiver - which only has SVideo in). In this instance I had to go for QED's next range up because they don't do SCART->SVideo in the cheap range.

If it really is SVideo -> SCART you want, try the QED http://www.qed.co.uk/cables/sqart/perf_p12.html


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Thanks Guys

I now realise that I did not look hard enough

Dotben, yest is it S-Video (Monitor out on Denon 3803) to SCART (input on Sony 32FX60) that I need.

I'll be ordering from Andy at TV Cables



for anyone who wants a scart to s-video dealers of ixos and qed among others can order the leads you see in a reverse version for roughly the same price.
So just ask at a dealer


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Bobbypunk is right, although Ixos' current catalogue features cables in both directions.

XHV411 is Scart to s-video
XHV401 is s-video to Scart

QED's Sqart range also features cables for use in both directions.

AV1120/AV1150 (2m/5m) is SCART to s-video
AV1220/AV1250 (2m/5m) is s-video to SCART

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