S-Video to scart horrors!! (please help)



Hi, It may be haloween but my horror story is s-video to Scart. I heard it was worth getting so I got a gold plated set of cables to go from my dvd player to my tv. Problem is, the picture is bad and useless. So, I am a complete beginner in dvd/video connection and can't work out the problem. Also, i have a Sony digital camcorder and try to connect it to the tv with s-video to scart but it's great quality if you like black and white only!
Can anyone help me. I got the cables from Currys (that is the shop not the make), (second set) and Currys have no idea what is wrong. Thanks for anyones help.


If the picture is Black & White, you need to tell the TV to accept a S-VHS input (assuming it can).


An S-Video cable sends the picture and the colour on separate cables. So you are either not connecting the lead to a S-Video scart socket on the TV (most TV's only have one scart that can accept S-Video - normally AV1) or you have not selected the S-Video input from the TV remote.
DVD picture. What is wrong with it?


Maybe you should exchange it for a quality fully wired Scart to Scart! Or is it that you only have s-video out on the DVD player?

What make is the tele, it does sound as though it isn't configurred correctly. How many scart sockets does it have?


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