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Recently purchased a Toshiba SD-9500E DVD player at a very good price. I also purchased a IXOS XHV401 s-video to scart cable. The problem is that when connected, the picture only plays in black and white. Connection by s-video and video in, both work to top notch effect. The only problem, is both these connections are at the front/side of the telvision and do not look attractive (especially to the girlfriend!!). Firstly, why do i only get a black and white picture. Secondly which is the best type of connection to use. (If I/she can live with a cable sticking out the front of the television.

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The scart socket on the TV, that you have connected your DVD to, is either, not S-video compatiable, or needs to be set to S-video via an on-screen menu - check your instruction book. When a socket that can't accept S-video receives such a signal, the picture displayed is B&W; this is true if the socket can receive composite or RGB signals.

Remember, "Not all scart sockets are created the same".


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Ah ha !! Did not know that. Just checked manual and only one of the scart sockets in the back of the television accepts S-video. And where do you think i had the dvd player plugged in. Yeah, the other one!! Will try the other socket

Thanks very much

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