S-video signal puzzle


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As we all enjoyed pip's problem, perhaps you'd like mine too...
I have an NTL pace box, set to RGB out, which is connected to a Yam DSPE800 with a scart to s-video lead, not ideal, but it was in the drawer.... Connected back to my nasty TV with s-video, and to my NEC VT440 by s-video, and here comes the problem, I couldn't wait to try it all, so on my way back from work, I passed a Curry's and bought the only 10m s-video cable in the shop, the thickness of a bootlace, plugged it in. It worked instantly, but the picture was not that good. I thought I'd improve it much with a good s-video lead. I had one made at a price that made me wince, remember the hi-fi guys say 10% of your budget on leads.

Anyway, my new lead gives only a B/W picture. Yes, there's continuity pin to pin, no there's no short circuits. Do you think I'm getting only composite on the other lead, and I'm not getting real s-video from the scart. I can't see how a £10 lead can do the same as £50 worth of electronics. All thoughts welcome, before I start spending money randomly in a process of elimination. If it hadn't been for the previously discussed prob. I'd have bought a RGB/VGA converting lead, I think Keene do one?


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can you change the output on the NTL box from RGB to either svideo or PAL (composite). I would guess the RGB signal coming from the box can't be translated into an svideo signal properly..

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