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S-Video - Scart Problem - B&W Picture



I have a Cambridge Azur 540 AV receiver, which has been great for sound. I have been trying to clear up the clutter at the back of my TV (Samsung CRT) and replace the Auto Scart Switch box by using the Amp as the AV hub. I am thinking that this is what it was designed to do, and the circuitry is probably of a higher quality than my Scart Box. Plus I already have two wires around(optical for sound scart for sound and picture).

Problem is my TV has only Scart, my amp has Composite, S-VHS or Component. I read somewhere that the S-VHS (S-Video = S-VHS right?) video signal is the same as Scart - minus the sound. So I bought a S-VHS to Scart Cable. (then discovered I already had one I'd picked up and forgotten about).

Anyway, plugged it in the Amp and the TV (and via the switch box). I tried every variation I could think of, my sources are -

Pioneer DV575 DVD player
Sky+ Box
Daewoo Karaoke DVD player

No matter what I try the picture comes out in black and white. Not the improvement I'd hoped for.

Is it the TV ???



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I would assume from the fact that you are getting a B&W picture that the signal coming from the AV receiver is an s-video signal, however the TV is not able, or not set, to receive an s-video signal - an s-video signal received by a socket set to receive composite or RGB is displayed as B&W. This would need to be changed via an on-screen menu or by using an s-video enabled scart socket.

Scart isn't a type of signal. Scart is a connector that can carry a variety of signals. In video terms these are composite, s-video and RGB (quality improving in that order). Also, in some non-standard cases, component video can also be carried by a scart cable.


My TV does not have any menu options for changing the input. I have two scart sockets on the TV - only one marked "RGB". I'm sure I tried both unsucessfully.

More incentive for me to upgrade to a plasma I suppose. :)


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If you are going to use your AV receiver as a hub, you'll need to take a composite video output from it to the TV. This will give a colour picture, unfortunately, it will be a pretty poor picture - colour-bleeding, lack of definition, etc.

My recommendation would be to purchase a RGB compatiable scart switching box (with enough inputs for four devices) and connect all your components to the TV's RGB scart via that. You would then need to set all your devices to output RGB signals to get the best quality picture. Audio connections would, of course, still need to be made to the AV receiver.

No need to give up on the CRT TV yet - plasma is still toooooo expensive!


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This could be interesting...

If your AV-Amp has component switching, can it not be used to switch RGB instead?, My thoughts - RGB and Component are standards with *similar* bandwidth and voltage levels, chances are the AV-Amp is only an analogue switch between the two (or more) component inputs and the outputs.

So... (if my theory holds water)... you could use a Scart->RGB lead on both Sky+ and DVD player (I know nowt about the X-Box, can that output RGB?) and a similar cable to connect the component output from the Amp to the TV. (RGB capable SCART input)

Would give a better image than the S-Video, although some risk that this wouldn't work, needs new leads, and you don't mention if how many component inputs your AV-Amp supports.


Thanks to all for your suggestions. My Amp only has two component "in's". Still I haven't given up yet. Expirements will continue...!

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