S-Video, RCA, Component, Composite, SCART....ARRGGGHHH

Discussion in 'General Video Gaming Chat' started by Malachi, Feb 20, 2002.

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    Okay, all these different bloody TV standards are starting to annoy me. Would someone be so kind as to explain them all to me? I know thats a big ask...but, I want to know what they all mean and which is good\bad.

    You fellas know, things like max resolution, pros and cons, which one is best, which one costs most and of course, which one is best for use with video game consoles (which gives the clearest image)?

    Also, if I got an RCA cable (I'm assuming that RCA is the 3 plugs, Yellow, White and Red) and put....say....an S-Video converter cord on it, would it be RCA quality or S-Video quality???

    Please help! Thanks in advance for ANY info anyone supplies. :D
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    Watford, UK
    Hmm can't say that this in an authorative answer, I am sure there must be some good websites out there that will answer it better than I but here goes.

    Broadcast standards
    50Hz - PAL, SECAM
    60Hz - NTSC

    Recording/Pre-recorded standards
    VHS (can be any of PAL, SECAM, NTSC or others) [Composite]
    S-VHS (can be any of PAL, SECAM, NTSC or others) [S-Video / YC]
    MPEG2 (DVD, DVB, Sky etc) [componet YUV]

    The TV!!!
    Actually uses RGB (the Red, Green and Blue phospors or LCDs, LEDs or whatever :) )

    Cable Types
    75 Ohm RF/Aerial CT-100
    75 Ohm Satelite CT-125 (really same as above but better screening)

    F-Type used for satellite
    SCART (25 pins)
    S-Video (5 or is 6 pins????)

    A fully wired SCART lead (SCART plugs on either end) can carry one of Composite, S-Video or RGB+sync?)

    A Component lead is made of the 3 high quality 75Ohm cables with RCA-Phono connectors on all the ends (one each for Y, U and V)

    For a games console ideally you want either RGB of component depending on your TV and games console, if not the S-Video (some people prefer S-Video over RGB!!!!), if not then composite (if you really have to) and as absolute last resort RF :(

    RGB is not component!!!!

    okay so i'm now getting confused and I should get on with some proper work!!!!

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