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    Hi guys,

    First post to these forums, but hoping someone can help.


    I`ve finally hooked up my Home Theatre PC using S-Video cable, and I`m
    stunned by the picture quality from my 6600GT, really impressed, but...

    When using Clone Mode, and forcing the Overlay to go full screen on my
    second device (my 28" CRT 4:3 TV), the picture is slightly compressed in
    height, and this is the only thing stopping my setup being perfect. This is
    when playing 16:9 Video recorded from my Nova T 500 card. 4:3 video
    doesn`t seem to be as bad, but it`s also sqaushed.

    I`m looking for a way to `just` stretch the height of the video being
    Overlay`d to my 2nd `Cloned` device.

    I`ve spent the last two day Googling, and looking through similar issues, and
    can`t find anything to help. The live picture from my Nova T 500 is the same,
    fine on my monitor, but slightly squashed on the TV. I`ve tried all manner
    of media players, and altered all sorts of aspect ratios in the media players
    settings pages, but it still stays squashed....

    When I burn the video to a DVD, and then play the DVD on the TV, it`s fine,
    with correct aspect ratios.

    It`s got me stumped to be honest. There seems to be nothing in either the
    Nvidia settings or any of my players settings to just increase the height of
    the 2nd `Cloned` full screen Overlay image.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards,


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